Q: Are carports like a garage?

A: No, a carport and garage are different structures. A garage consists of 4 walls where as a carport is attached to the existing wall of a house and consists of 2 sides, however a carport can also just a top cover only

Q: Do carports add value to your home?

A:Yes a carport can increase the value of your home.

Q: Are carports less expensive that a garage?

A: This all depends on the carport and design that you have chosen.  It is best to get professional advice from a reputable carport t company.

Q:  What types of carports at there?

A: There are many different designs of carports to choose from. A professional carports installing company will advise on all the different types of carports that they supply.

Q: How much does it cost to have a carport installed?

A: The pricing depends on the type of carport design chosen, and how many carports will need to be installed, it can range from a single carport from R10 000 and above.

Q: How many days does it take to install a carport?

A: This installation of carports can take up to 2 – 3 days of installation for a single carport.  This also depends on how many carports need to be installed and the type of design chosen sometimes it can take more than a week shall there be more than 1 carport that needs to be installed.

Q: How do I know what carport to choose?

A: Carport Installers will advise on the best carport needed for your premises and which carport offers the most protection for your vehicles.  They will arrive at your premises with a few catalogues to show you the different designs that they offer. As well as advise on the best design for your carport.